Date Paper
Publication/ Conference Title
Oct 1989 Paper EuroForml 1989 A Modular Approach to Robotic Control Systems
Exploration of distributed control of a multi-tool robotic entity utilising a “processor per drive” philosophy.
Oct 1990 Paper EuroForml 1990 Safety Related Systems, Modularity, Methodology and Management
A look at improving the system development process by adopting a modular approach within a structured framework.
Jun 1990 Article Forthwrite - Issue 54 Time for a new FIG Forth
FANSI project - commentary inspired by the BASIS-14 document that led to ANSI standardisation of Forth.
Dec 1990 Article Forthwrite - Issue 57 FANSI environs
FANSI project - a proposal for a simple Forth Kernel based around ANSI BASIS14.
Apr 1991 Article Forthwrite - Issue 59 High level FOR..NEXT
Some FANSI project code proposals. Control flow in high level Forth to implement the FOR and NEXT loop control flow constructs.
Jun 1991 Article Forthwrite - Issue 60 Manual documentation
A documentation formatting tool to print print Forth source screens on a page with appropriate margins, page numbering and index. 
Oct 1991 Article Forthwrite - Issue 62 The Harris EB board and some I/O
A brief description of the "Bring and Tell" talk given at the recent London meeting. This was part of some general ramblings and announcements.
Oct 1991 Article Forthwrite - Issue 62 New Header Structure
A Report of some discussions that took place after the AGM that covered some of the technical issues about whether or not it was right to adjust the header structure of traditional Forth implementations to help with other system desires.
Dec 1991 Article Forthwrite - Issue 63 Anti-collision Systems.
Spinning off from reports of research being conducted in other countries into anti-collision systems for "hands-off" driving by cars. Some notional code was presented.
Feb 1992 Review Forthwrite - Issue 64 Introducing Systems Analysis - Skidmore and Wroe
Review of "Introducing Systems Analysis" by Steve Skidmore and Brenda Wroe published by NCC pubications: ISBN 0-85012-603-4.
Feb 1992 Review Forthwrite - Issue 64 Pygmy Forth
Review of Frank Sergent's Pygmy Forth shareware Forth system for the PC based on Charles Moore's cmForth.
Apr 1992 Article Forthwrite - Issue 65 Is Forth Formal?
An article exploring the extent to which Forth can be considered formal in the mathematical definiion of the word.
Jul 1992 Talk Forth Interest Group Safety by Design
A talk to the London Chapter of the Forth Interest Group (UK).
Aug 1992 Paper Forthwrite - Issue 67 Safety by Design
The paper given at a recent London Forth meeting.
Oct 1992 Article Forthwrite - Issue 68 Top-down development of a Forth system
Top down consideration of QUIT, Forths user interface and outer interpreter.
Oct 1992 Article Forthwrite - Issue 68 Vectoring with DOER and MAKE
A revisit of Leo Brodie's DOER-MAKE construct for vector execution which gives an interestingly versatile control mechanism.
Apr 1993 Article Forthwrite - Issue 71 QUIT, the story continues...
 A deeper look at the internals of Forth, especially the user interface known as QUIT.
Jun 1993 Article Forthwrite - Issue 72 Some Useful Words
Introducing +MOD! (LOG?) and commenting words which are useful utility words for industrial controls and a discussion about commenting for certification.
Jul 1993 Paper & Talk 3rd Software Quality Conference Component Based Software Design
An explanation of system development utilising re-usable modules in software development. Based on Forth philosophy mixed with similar approaches in hardware development.
Feb 1994 Article Forthwrite - Issue 76 Spooling and browsing
A useful source code browser (that prevents accidental editing whilst just reviewing code) and a spool to file utility.
Jun 1994 Article Forthwrite - Issue 78 Fuzz, fibs and forms
A commentary and a competition
Jun 1994 Article Forthwrite - Issue 78 Software Engineering Future
A commentary on moves within the industry for certifiation of people, processes and produts.
Jun 1994 Article Forthwrite - Issue 78 Component based Software Design
A component biased approach to the design of software systems can, as has already happened in other engineering disciplines, lead to improved quality for software.
Traditional approaches to software design have often lacked a sense of proper engineering. Whilst there are tools available, there is little understanding of design concepts across disciplines or indeed within the software discipline itself.
There have been many attempts at resolving this shortcoming, but software design by traditional methods still requires a bewildering array of expensive tools. By considering components as simple objects within clearly defined boundary conditions the quality of the component can be determined. Such lessons have already been learnt by engineers in other fields. This paper explores software design from a component biased approach and suggests how such an approach leads to re-usability of software and simplified testing.
Finally, this paper examines the tool requirements to manage such an approach.
Aug 1994 Article Forthwrite - Issue 79 Taking exception ...
An exploration of error handling techniques using some retro-coded changes to the ABORT and ABORT" facilities.
Jun 1995 Article Forthwrite - Issue 84 Fractionally Angular
Exploration of natural binary representation of circular data for angle and time data presentation.
Jun 1995 Article Forthwrite - Issue 84 Big is Beautiful, but Small is Better.
Report and view on the paper "Programming Languages and Safety Related Systems" by Les Hatton given at a Safety Critical Systms Club Symposium held in Brighton.
May 1996 & Jul 1996 Article Forth Dimensions Safety Critical Systems
Two part article introducing Safety Critical Systems to the Forth Communitywith some explanation of why Forth may be a good language to employ in their construction.
Jul 1996 Review Forthwrite - Issue 89 Chuck's chips
Review of progress in Forth hardware with a review of the state of play of the F21 chip by Jeff Fox and Charles Moore.
Feb 1997 Article Forthwrite - Issue 91 Square Roots
Some novel techniques for determining square roots of a number culled from the newsgroups. This included some code snippets.
Sep 1997 Paper & Talk EuroForth 97 Forth in Safety Critical Systems, Configuration and Certification
A look at how the technique I developed for the certification of Forth Source Code was used to satisfy the FDA and Medical Devices Directive in an Anaesthesia Ventillator application.
Nov 1997 Report Forthwrite - Issue 93 EuroForth '97 Conference
Review of the proceedings of the conference held in Oxford.
Dec 1997 Report Safety Systems Newsletter Software Safety Standards - Tutorial - An issue raised.
Following on from the excellent tutorial sessions, presented in the main by Dr. Victoria Stavridou, the discussion session was occupied by an expressed concern that the standards make no recommendations regarding the apportionment of responsibilities within a project (between project design authority and sub-contracting companies). None of the standards give guidance on this issue and, in my own opinion, it is right that the standards leave the issue open. However, some general guidance is obviously necessary from the way the discussion progressed during the meeting.
Feb 1998 Paper & Talk Safety Systems Symposium Small Modules as Configuration Items in Certified Safety Critical Systems.
May 1998 Article Forthwrite - Issue 96 Reading the World (1)
Deals with real world environment issues and basic input circuitry for digital inputs.
Jul 1998 Article Forthwrite - Issue 97 Reading the World (2)
Further explores system inputs in the shape of key-pads and analogue inputs (single pole and differential).
Sep 1998 Article EuroForth 98 Certification of High Integrity Software
An explanation of my method for the certification of Forth Source Code based on Fagan Inspection, Functional Testing and Limits Testing to achieve equivalence to CofC for hardware.
Sep 1998 Article EuroForth 98 Internal Representation to External View
Explanation of a way to deal with fractional numbers that have real-world significance (using time of day and longitudinal position as examples).
Oct 1998 Article Forthwrite - Issue 98 Writing the World (1)
After the inputs were dealt with, in the previous two articles, the focus is turned on the outputs. This first article deals with digital drivers for relays and direct output.
Nov 1998 Report Forthwrite - Issue 99 EuroForth 98 Conference
Report from Schloss Dagstuhl which hosted the EuroForth conference this year.
Jan 1999 Article Forthwrite - Issue 100 Writing the World (2)
After the inputs were dealt with, in the previous two articles, the focus is turned on the outputs. This second article deals Analogue Outputs.
Jul 2003 Collaboration Paper EPS Conference on Controlled Fusion and Plasma Physics, St. Petersburg 2003 "Experimental comparison of different configurations of injection for pellet fuelling on JET" A. Geraud, L. Garzotti, P.T. Lang, A. Lorenz, B. Pegourie, G.L. Schmidt, B. Alper, T.T.C. Jones, P. Monier-Garbet, J. Strachan, M. Stamp, P. Bennett, J.L. Marechal, R. Mooney, J. Ongena,  M.J. Watson, D.J. Wilson, JET-EFDA contributors [Proc. P1.97]
The results of experiments using the Pelin High Frequency Deuterium Pellet Injector for fuelling Fusion Plasma's.
Oct 2003 Collaboration Paper 20th IEEE/NPSS Symposium on Fusion Engineering “Recent developments in pellet fuelling at JET”, L.R Baylor, P. Bennett, D. Ciric, R. Eagle, I. Hayward, A. Geraud, T.T.C. Jones, P.T. Lang, A. Lorenz, J. Marechal, A. Thomas, M.J. Watson.
The results of experiments using the Pelin High Frequency Deuterium Pellet Injector for fuelling Fusion Plasma's.
Jul 2004 Article Forthwrite - Issue 126 Certifying your code
An example of a method for certifying Forth code. The example walks through the simple technique used for several high integrity projects.
Sep 2008 Collaboration Paper 25th Symposium on Fusion Technology, Rostock, Germany “The JET High Frequency Pellet Injector” A. Geraud, I. Vinyar, A. Whitehead, M. Dentan, V. Hennion, M. Watson, K. Bell, P. Bennett, P. Butcher, D. Communal, F. Faisse, D. Garnier, J. Gedney, G. Gros, D. Guillaume, L. Hackett, D. Homfray, R. Lucock, A. Mackenzie, J. McKivvitt, R. Mooney, M. Sibbald, C. Portafaix, J.P. Perin, M. Reade, D. Sands, A. Saille, I. Symonds, D. Wilson, L. Worth, L.R. Baylor, J. Caughman, A. Lukin, A. Umov, S. Skioblikov, P. Reznichenko, and JET EFDA Contributors.
The results of experiments using the Pelin High Frequency Deuterium Pellet Injector for fuelling Fusion Plasma's.
Sep 2010 Article Safety Systems The Lone Wolf Developer and Safety Standards
A look at how the “one man” development organisation can partake in projects requiring compliance to IEC61508 or similar Functional Safety Standards.

Forthwrite is the newsletter/magazine of the UK Forth Interest Group.

Safety Critical Systems is the newsletter of the Safety Critical Systems Club.